Quad City area Kids ages K-8th grades, we know your all diligently studying and being creative with your time at home, right?  We want to give you a chance to creatively practice what you’ve been learning at school!  We would like to challenge your artistic side and your studies by asking you to design your very own landscaping, and then answer some questions about your project!


Below you will find drawings for three age groups: K-3rd grade, 4-5th grade, and 6-8th grade!  Print out these drawings (be sure to print them at actual size, don’t fit to page) and use your imagination to create your front landscaping design!  Draw and color your design and one of the elevation drawings!  After you complete your design, answer as many of the questions as you are able!  We will select the top 10 projects from each age group and then randomly select two winners from each group!


PRIZES: You can win a LEGO set that will be dropped off to your front door OR for the 6-8th grade age group, you can choose to receive an Amazon gift card instead!


After you complete your project, please send it to us at:  office@curbappealqca.com

(Be sure to include your name, address, and grade)

Drawings must be submitted by Sunday, April 12th.

4th & 5th Grade
K-3rd Grade

4860 31st St

Moline, IL 61265


500 Avenue of the Cities

East Moline, IL 61244

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